Quiz Quest: A Journey In Trivia

You've beaten up the big boss. You've explored the realm, conquered the dragon and saved the princess. But in the world of Quiz Quest, there's a twist: It's trivial knowledge that makes you a warrior, on top of epic skills and loot! Quiz Quest is a hybrid mixture of role-playing game and trivia contest, currently in alpha-development, and it's coming, soon.


  • Beat up the bad guys.
  • Explore and complete critical quests.
  • Level up and learn potent new skills.
  • Collect loads of gear.
  • Experience all the usual RPG fixin's... with a twist.


  • Answer trivia to strike a blow.
  • Raise stats to improve question times and damage.
  • 8 categories, thousands of questions.
  • Build streaks for buffs.
  • Rank up in categories for permanent bonuses.